STORMRAGE   EXTREME METAL FROM AUSTRIA Band Questions answer by Heimo and other members  
Please introduce yourself and the band members briefly? Hey everyone out there! We are Stormrage from Austria. You can’t just put us in a drawer – we play Extreme Metal, influenced by (Melodic) Death, Thrash and Black Metal. We are a 5-piece consisting of Hänsi and Kevin on the guitars, Michael on bass guitar, Thurni on the drums and Heimo doing the vocals. What does the band name mean and how do you get it? Stormrage follows a certain concept most of the time, but we don’t let this concept limit our creativity. The Rage of the Storm stands for: This planet provides everything to us what we need to live a decent life. Anyway, mankind is greedy, stupid and obsessed with power which leads inevitably to the exploitation and destruction of this planet. In return nature will rise up and defend itself against the human plague. That’s the common thread in the music of Stormrage. Where and how was the band founded? Stormrage was founded by Hänsi, Thurni and Puti (our former guitarist) in 2013. Just some friends, who wanted to make music together. After some time, the music was getting more serious and concrete and it was decided to form an actual band. Anyway, the line up had to be changed a few times before we decided to enter the stage and play our songs live in 2014. Have you played in other bands before? Hänsi and Michael played in other bands before. Michael is still doing a solo project named Plaguepreacher which is an old school black metal band. In his teenage years Heimo was the vocalist of a cover band and played drums in another cover band forsome time. Was it hard to find suitable band members who fit musically and humanely with the band? We are having a stable line up now, but we had some bad luck with bass guitarists. After our first bassistleft for personal reasons, we struggled some time to find a fitting replacement who was capable of playing the bass and had the right attitude towards the band and music in general. Finally, though we found someone who satisfied these criteria. Michael gives 100% for Stormrage, is a great guy humanely and shares our attitude towards music and metal in general. What are the lyrics about and who of you is writing them? As we said before, Stormrage follows a certain concept, but isn’t solely defined by that concept. The whole song writing process – musically and lyrically – is doneincluding all members of Stormrage. It starts with an idea during rehearsals. After that it matures and the lyrics are written, trying to capture the atmosphere of the song. Everybody can contribute and throw his personal ideas in. Which bands inspired you and how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard a sound from you? We all have a pretty different taste when it comes to music. You can hear that in our songs. We just do what we would like to hear on a record, without any genre limiting us. Our influences range from classical heavy metal to melodic rock/metal up to death, thrash and black metal. I think we are breaking boundaries and don’t give a fuck about rules, how we have to sound like. Why should people listen to your music? Just give our record a spin and find out for yourself whether you like it or not. It comes best in physical form but is also available on all big streaming platforms.   How long did the completion of Humanimaltake and who was helpful to the side? Humanimalis the entire history of the band and themembers previous work since 2013. You can also hear a musical development on the record, even though the arrangement of the songs does not correspond with the date of their origin. What was your first concert as a fan? and what memory do you have of it? Hänsi: I think it was Six feet under in Salzburg. All I remember is that I had way too much Jack Daniels. Kevin: Metallica in the Olympia Stadium. I remember that the people on the ranks didn’t move at all. Thurni: That was the Hell on earth tour 2006 with Heaven shall burn, God forbid and Maroon. Back then I did not even play the drums but they amazed me. Michael: My first concert was by Path of Golconda, a German melodic death metal band, when I was like 14. I still have the shirt anywhere at home ^^ Heimo: Way too many underground shows between 2000 and 2005 to remember which one was the first.The most memorable anyways, was SIX FEET UNDER and DEBAUCHERY in Salzburg. What were your live highlights and with which bands did you play? Our Album release show at Rockhouse Salzburg in June 2018 was definitely a highlight for all of us – a full club with the craziest crowd ever. Also,the Navajo Calling Festival in Parma was insane – it took place at an abandoned horse farm in the Italianwastelands. What do you think about the Austrian scene in general? Like 10 years ago, the scene stood closer together. Now we have a supersaturation in Vienna with huge acts and only a few metalheads there want to go to an underground show with bands which are not situated in the city. On the countryside there are too few possibilities to play, but the audience is more passionate and crazier, because they love when there are shows in their region. Why do you think about the situation that in the Austrian media the hard rock or heavy metal scene, regardless of whether national or international, is almost not considered? Metal and its subgenres just don’t fit in into mainstream media. Anyways, it was never meant to please everybody and to appeal to everyone, so I think it’s not really a bad thing though. I think it’s way more important to be mentioned in genre specific media where people really care about the music. With what do you earn your money except with the music? Heimo is an intensive care nurse and Hänsi is a care-worker for handicapped people. Thurni worksas a confectioner and Michael is a trained chef, but studying at university at the moment and Kevin is a metalworker. How important are social media for you as a band? In fact, you just can’t escape social media nowadays. Of course, we prefer connecting with the people who cherish our music directly in person at our concerts and have a beer with them but without social media you go unnoticed as a band these days so we actually don’t have the option to not use social media to connect with the people out there. What would you want to achieve with the band? Playing live as much as possible in front of a passionate crowd and have fun with them in as many areas as possible! Of course, it would be great to make a living out of our music but honestly very few bands have that opportunity, especially in the metal scene. Maybe you can recommend some bands from your area? Plaguepreacher – the solo project of our bass man Michael. There is going to be a split EP pretty soon. Also, Scapegod, The Morphean, The Unshaved Truth, Groteskh, Irdorath, Fallen Utopia and Voidstalker are brothers in blood of us. PERSONAL QUESTIONS!
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