Please introduce yourself and the band members briefly? Well, my name's Ange, i play the guitar and i'm doing backing vocals for Hardverne along Arnaud Villemejane (Guitar/vocals), Mathieu Duvernois (Bass) and Pierrick Faucheur (Drums) What does the band name mean and how do you get it? Actually we're living in france in a region called Auvergne. Back in the days the people who lived there where called the 'Arvernes', so we kinda turned this name into something a little bit more 'metal' ! Where and how was the band founded? The Band was founded in Clermont-Ferrand by Arnaud and I ! We were friends before and he kindda had to go away for studies during some years, when he get back i had no more bands to play with, we never really played music in a serious band together so we wanted to try this out ! Have you played in other bands before? Yeah, personnaly, i had a couple of various bands (punk/death metal/ heavy metal) but they were nothing really serious, and that's what motivated me (and Arnaud too i think) to get really implicated in this band to try to make it 'professionnal' Was it hard to find suitable band members who fit musically and humanely with the band? At the begining, the bass was played by Leo and the drums by Valentin, but as I said, me and Arnaud really wanted to make this band work in a professionnal way. The guys had studies on the way and they weren't able to manage the two so we had to find other musicians. The actual line up came up quite quickly and it was really natural to get them into this project. Humanly, all the members (past or present) of this band are really good friends so it's a pleasure to work with them ! What does the band name mean? As I said, it's formed from the name of one of the tribes of warriors who fought against the Romans to obtain their freedom. We wanted to paid a hommage to them and actually, you can also say that we (Hardverne) are fighting to make our music known and to spread our songs, so, Batlle's on Brother ! What are the lyrics about and who of you is writing them ? Our first EP is not a concept work, actually the meanings of lyrics are really different from one song to another, it can go from humouristic one (a serial killer cat in 'Mon Chat') to something more serious (Lovecraft's old ones in 'Death comes from the Stars'). Most of the lyrics are wrote by Arnaud. Which bands inspired you and how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard a sound from you? Actually, all the members have really different influences (from Death metal to Progressive rock) so i'll be able to talk only about my own influences ! I'm a real fan of death metal bands as Vomitory, Cannibal Corpse, Bloodbath, At the gates etc … But i started with alot of heavy metal and thrash (Iron maiden, Megadeth, Warbringer, etc …). So i'd say that you can find in Hardverne a huge death metal cultural heritage but with touches of every member's influences ! Why should people listen to your music? Because we are really putting our soul into our music and we are  happy to share it with everyone ! We want to create more metal in France, help us to do so ! Why did you release a five track EP with Death Comes from the Stars and not work on an entire album? or do you have some songs in stock and you will release an album soon? We really wanted to start quickly with the songs we had, we were eager to share our work plus this format is quite cool, you can listen it when you got half an hour free. We sure have other songs and we are currently working on them ! There will be an album but first we want to play live to promote our EP, and to drink beers with our friends at shows !!!!! What was your first concert as a fan? and what memory do you have of it? My first concert was at a local bar, i saw local bands playing and the crowd was incredible. They were not 5000 guys at this show but the people there sure made noise like if it was the case !  It made me think 'wow i wanna do this'. With which band would you like to play a europe tour? If you ask me, it would be Vomitory. I was totally mind blown by their last album (Opus Mortis VIII) and i saw they are reforming for a 2019 tour ! What were your live highlights and with which bands did you play? We are a very little band for now, we only play one concert so, hope we'll have a lot more to answer this question in the next couple of month Have already resulted in friendship ? As I said we only played one show but it was with two very cool bands and i'll definitely have a couple of beers with them anyway With what do you earn your money except with the music? Actually i worked in  the waste water treatment chemistery before, now i'm trying to earn money from playing music but it's really hard ! How important are social media for you as a band? It's a hard question ! Actually it's a formidable tool to promote your band and give it visibility, organise concerts and stuff but, the virtual side of the society becomes to take over the 'real' part of it. Most people will like your band page just to say 'hey look we do support you' but they'll never check the songs or the actualities. I'd say it's most important to talk with 10 guys after a good show and know that they'll come back to the next one than have 100 like on a FB page ! What would you (her) want to achieve with the band? My biggest wish would be to work with a labbel, be able to tour over different countries, discover the world while sharing our work, it'd be awesome ! What do you think about the France metal scene in general? There are some really pretty solid bands but you see alot of local scenes who'll fade away because people don't care anymore goin' to see little bands and support them. Maybe you can recommend some bands from your area? Sure, here are my favourites : Gorod, Loudblast, Detorn, Lonewolf, Warkunt, etc ... PERSONAL QUESTIONS ! Where did you grow up and how was your childhood? I grew up in Auvergne, France and my childhood was mostly full of hard rock, tabletop RPG's, books and practising music : an awesome one ! How was your school time you were rather the good student or the break clown ? Hum i was kindda a good student 'til i had bands and friends to drink beer with and party ! Then  i became the break clown ! How did your parents react when you started making metal music? did they support you and how do you feel about your music today? Actually my mother's favourite bands are hard rock ones (Saxon, Scorpions, Godsized, etc …) and my father is more about punk (exploited, tagada jones,etc …) so they were happy when it turned out that i loved metal ! They still are very supportive about that and that's a real luck ! Would you be successful in making music as a musician? I don't know, to be honest it's not really up to me to describe myself as a good musician ! I'd share my music the way i want to play and listen it and hope it'd please, haha ! Are you someone who loves the hustle and bustle of the big city? or rather looking for peace and relaxation in nature? I'm really a nature guy, of course going to spend some money in music shops or stuff is cool but nothings beats the morning fresh air goin' through the windows on a peaceful autumn day  away from town's pollution and noise ! Do you actively practice sports or are you more of a passive spectator? Sports are really not my thing ! Haha (you could have guessed by the barrel shapped body dude xD !) When it comes to your physical well you can cook or let you cook for you ? I do enjoy cooking so, i'd be up to do that yeah ! What does your environment tell you about your passion for metal (friends / family / colleagues) ? Most of my friends also like metal but the others are not really judging it (or at least i'm not aware of it). As they say : live and let live ! How do you see the problem with the haters on the internet who have to announce their mental garbage in anonymity always and everywhere? I don't really care about that, if they got time to waste doing that and if it can make them happy then let them do so ! They'll be less a pain in the ass in the real life after that ! What do you think about the internet in general? A blessing or a curse? Both ! As a lot of stuff that humanity brought up ! But i'm kindda a video game player so i'd say more of a blessing ! What would you personally like to do in your life? Keep dreaming, playing music and spend times with my family and friends, simple lives are the best ! Which question would you like to have answered and why? All is here bro ! Kreator or Destruction Kreator ! Death or Obituary Death Coq au Vin One of the best dishes ! Baguette With the previous one, delightful ! Beer or Juice Beer !  Eiffel tower Too high, too popular, too far from home ! Holiday In some nice forest with good books and cold beers ! Family Best thing in the world when it comes with an headbanger brothers and cool parents ! Drugs I'm not a fan of drugs actually, except food maybe Soccer It sucks ! Movie or Series Both ! Your top 10 all time faves Album Death : sound of perseverance Vomitory : Opus mortis VIII Iron Maiden : Brave new world Bloodbath : Nightmare made flesh Gotsu Totsu Kotsu : Where warriors once dreamed a dream Warbringer : World torn asunder Alkaloid : The Malkuth Grimoire Iron Maiden : Fear of the Dark Gorod : A perfect absolution Steel Panther : Feel the steel ur top 5 in time Album! Canibal Corpse :Red before black Virvum : Illuminance Carcass : Surgical steel Aborted : Terrorvision Gotsu Totsu Kotsu : Where warriors once dreamed a dream (yes again but i'm listening this one A LOT) losing word is yours? Thanks for the interest that you put in our band, it means a lot to us, hope to see you one of these days at a show ! Stay Brutal !
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