GREYHAWK   HEAVY METAL FROM USA Band Questions answer by Darian Wall  
Please introduce yourself and the band members briefly?   My name is Darin Wall, and I’m the bass player for Greyhawk.   On guitar we have Jesse Berlin and Enrico Mariuzzo, on vocals Rev Taylor and on drums Nate Butler.   We all come from different parts of the world…..Canada, Italy and the United States, and we are now united for METAL.   What does the band name mean and how do you get it?   Well anyone who plays Dungeons and Dragons will get that reference, so yeah we are basically a bunch of secret nerds, plus we think the name is badass.   Where and how was the band founded?   Myself and Jesse met shortly after we both moved to Seattle.   Myself from Canada and JEsse from New York.   We both had a passion for shredding guitars and 80s metal, so we decided to join forces.   It took us over two years to find the rest of the guys, but we finally have the right group!   Have you played in other bands before?   Yes many!   I played in a thrash metal group called Entropia, a stoner rock band called 88 Mile Trip, I was briefly in and helped revive a Canadian thrash metal band from the 1980s called Aggression, as well as multiple tribute bands and I have also filled in for Unleash The Archers.   I am also currently a full time member of Skelator.     Was it hard to find suitable band members who fit musically and humanely with the band?   It certainly was.   It took a long time.   We had multiple members who just did not fit musically or personality wise.   It was important to get the right members and we finally achieved that   What are the lyrics about and who of you is writing them ?   Our singer, Rev, writes all the lyrics.   They cover a broad variety of topics, from fiction to songs of inner strength to Ronnie James Dio.   We cover a lot of topics and anything is fair game   Which bands inspired you and how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard a sound from you?   For this band, I’d say the main ones are Dio, Manowar, Yngwie Malmsteen, Racer X, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest.   We definitely have that classic old school vibe.   Why should people listen to our music?   Well, that’s for the listener to decide, but I’d suggest fun and good musicianship!   This band is all about a good time, and we can shred your face off while doing it.   How long did the work on Ep Ride out last, and who helped you with the completion?   We recorded all of Ride Out in 2 and a half days, then mixed it for about a week.   The guy who did all the work behind the control board was our man Cody J Brumlow.   Everyone should check out his band Weaponlord too!   You've released an Ep Ride Out 2018. When can we expect a whole album?   One of our goals for 2019 is a full length album.   We have aready started writing it so hopefully we can deliver one!   What's your favorite song on ep and why?   That’s a hard decision, I love them all in their own way.   But if I had to pick one it would be Circle Of Heroes.   It has great energy and I love the lyrics.     What was your first concert as a fan? And what memory do you have of it?   1996 AC/DC on the Ballbreaker tour.   I was 15 years old.   My ,ain memory is just how loud everything was!   Especially   the cannons they shot off during “For Those About To Rock”!   What were your live highlights and with which bands did you play?   Oh man there has been so many.   Our recent tour of Vancouver Island Canada had such great attendance and energy all throughout.   Also playing Frost and Fire III with Skelator…...there’s so any great memories and i cherish all of them   Which band would you like to play live with and why?   The ultimate for me would be to play with Iron Maiden.   They’re still the most incredible metal band to see live and I would love to be a part of that energy.   Would you like to play live in Europe?   YES!!! 10000% YES!!!   It’s alwas a dream of mine and every north american metal musician to play over there.   With what do you earn your money except with the music?   I work with the Fire Marshal performing fire safety inspections.   So basically i tell people they have to pay a lot of money all the time hahaha.     How important are social media for you as a band?   I don’t love social media, but it’s undeniably important.   It’s how most people gather their news and keep up with everything, so if you’re not on social media these days probably nobody is ever going to hear about you.   Do you think that traditoneal metal in america is coming again? There are a lot of good bands in the underground   Yes absolutely!   There;s some great bands and festivals.   Legions of Metal in Chicago, Hyperspace Fest in Vancouver BC, and Frost and Fire in California have really been showcasing the trad metal bands.   We also have great younger bands like Skelator, Gatekeeper, Weaponlord, Hellfire, Visigoth, West Of Hell, Unleash The Archers, Striker, Spell, Iron Kingdom and so many more that play this style.   It’s on the rise!   What would you (her) want to achieve with the band?   Just to have a lot of fun, make music people care about, have a lot of fun, play great shows and create lasting memories!   What do you think about the Seattle Metal scene in general?   It’s not huge, but it’s very strong and enthusiastic.   The locals support their own, and they come out on the regular.   I still have not played a bad show in Seattle.   Some great bands here too in many subgenres!   Maybe you can recommend some bands from your area?   Sure!   Skelator, Substratum, Weaponlord, Point Zero, Zero Down, Mos Generator, Xoth to name a few!     PERSONAL QUESTIONS !   Where did you grow up and how was your childhood?   I grew up in Canada playing a lot of sports, working my ass off and being a heavy metal kid.   It was pretty rad!   How was your school time you were rather the good student or the break clown ?   Definitely the clown.   I broke a lot of stuff too.   How did your parents react when you started making metal music? did they support you and how do you feel about your music today?   They did!   My parents are very supportive of dreams and ambitions.   Would you be successful in making music as a musician?   I hope so!   Are you someone who loves the hustle and bustle of the big city? or rather looking for peace and relaxation in nature?   Definitely nature if I had my choice, but there are not many heavy metal gigs to play out there so I’m still a city kid.     Do you actively practice sports or are you more of a passive spectator?   Both!   I am a gym rat and enjoy playing hockey.   But I also watch sports as well   When it comes to your physical well you can cook or let you cook for you   I used to be a chef for a career, so I cook for myself and others a lot   What does your environment tell you about your passion for metal (friends / family / colleagues) ?   Most of my friends are metal heads, and if you come to my house you will definitely know it is a house of metal!   How do you see the problem with the haters on the internet who have to announce their mental garbage in anonymity always and everywhere?   Dude it’s something else.   Everyone has a platform for their bullshit these days.   I try not to get caught up in it.   What do you think about the internet in general? a blessing or a curse?   Both.   It’s a great way to get information fast but it’s also a superhighway for bullshit.   What would you personally like to do in your life?   Travel as much as possible!!!!   And Rock!   Washington (Staat) It;s a beautiful place to live!   Austria I have never been but I would love to see it.   The Emerald City Busy and beautiful city   Mount St. Helens I hope it never blows up again   Mount-Rainier-Nationalpark Amazing piece of nature.   Bill Gates Gimme some money you rich asshole!   Starbucks I buy my coffee at the gas station   Space Needle Never been to the top of it.   I should.   Movie or Series These days TV series are better than movies IMO.   It’s a golden age of fictional TV we live in   Seattle Seahawks or Seattle SuperSonics Not much of a basketball fan so let’s say Seahawks, but I prefer the Chicago Bears   Family One of the most important things in life!   Fastfood Don’t eat it   Beer I love all kinds of beer.   I love big stouts, hoppy IPA, sour beer, german lagers.   If it’s a good product I will drink it.   Your top 10 all time album faves   Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell Iron Maiden - Killers Manowar - Sign Of The Hammer Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley The Obsessed - S/T Judas Priest - Sin After Sin Testament - The Gathering Anthrax - Spreading The Disease Fu Manchu - No one rides for free   your top 5 albums in time   !   My top 5 albums for 2018 are:   Striker - Play To Win Orange Goblin - The Wolf Bites Back Clutch - Book of Bad Decisions Uriah Heep - Living The Dream Saxon - Thunderbolt     The closing word is yours? GREYHAWK HAS ARRIVED!!!!   IT’S TIME TO RIDE OUT TO HEAVY METAL GLORY!!!
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