DEFICIENCY MELODIC THRASH  FROM FRANCE Band Question answer by Laurent Gisonna
Please introduce yourself and the band members briefly? Hi ! Here is Laurent, from the Melodic Thrash Metal band DEFICIENCY. The band members are : Laurent : Lead Guitar / Vocals Jérôme : Guitars Vianney : Bass Guitar Ben : Drums What does the band name mean and how do you get it? DEFICIENCY was a title of one of our tracks in my former band. We were at that time changing our music style to something more agressive and new members joined the band so we deceided to do a total turn over, including the band's name. We found this name cool and moreover it doesn't end like 90% of the metal band by a "A" ! We didn't pay much attention to the signification of this term at that time. Where and how was the band founded? I found my first band inhigh school when I was 16. I just started to play guitar and really wanted to have a band asap to compose music and play live. This project has evolved to something more technic, agressive and melodic than we did at the beginning. DEFICIENCY was created on the ashes of my former project in 2009 in north-east of France. Have you played in other bands before? As I said, I had a former project named Black Age. But I've never played in other bands. I focus on my energy and time on DEFICIENCY. Was it hard to find suitable band members who fit musically and humanely with the band? Well, it depends ! Our line up has changed several times. The two conditions you talk about in your question are of course very important, and all musicians that joined the band were great players and friends. I think our new basis is quite stable now. Guys who left the band have their own reasons... Our first drummer wanted to travel around the world, so he left. Our former drummer was living so far from the band... But we've never had any problem with those guys humanely or musically. We play together with Vianney (bass) since 2010 and Jérôme (guitar) since 2012, so this is a very strong string trio ;-) I hope we've found the right guy behind the drum kit now. Ben is living in our area, he's very involved and talented. We're friends for over 10 years so it'll be ok ! What are the lyrics about and who of you is writing them ? We write only conceptual albums. Our themes are based on existencial interrogations, anticipation or science-fiction. I write the lyrics with my wife. We develop a concept together and submit the proposition of the other members of the band. Which bands inspired you and how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard a sound from you? Many bands and music styles inspire us. Old school American and European Thrash Metal of course, but also modern waves of Metal, from progressive to symphonic, HxC or Melodic Death Metal... So we have a Thrash basis with adjunction of many other influences. We don't fix any limit to creation. If we think that a piano or symphonic orchestra can add something cool to a song, we just do it ! Why should people listen to our music? I think we try to make music that is not boring. We always change tempi, ambiances, travel to every state of emotions like violence, melodicity, epicness, loudness... We want that an album can be listened without the impression of play again and again the same song with the same codes, the same mold. So I guess fans of many Metal styles can find something interresting in our music. You released the first album "State of Disillusion" in 2011. Since, are you still satisfied with the album? Well, it was our first self produced album. So it lays the foundations of what is Deficiency's music. It was recorded in home studio in 2010, so with some little defaults. But the songs are very cool for us and we still like to play some of them live. Your last album"The Dawn of Consciousness" was released in 2017, how long did it take to do that, and who was there to help? After the release of our second album "The Prodigal Child" in 2013, we toured a lot to defend it on stage. We played over 50 shows through Europe and it took time, we can only play live on weekends because of our jobs. In 2014 I became a dad, in 2015 we changed our drummer, so it took time to set everything. We started to compose new stuf during 2015 and recorded the album through summer 2016. The normal gestation of an album for us ! We decided to work with the same team for the production (Dome Studio), the visual artworks (Rusalka Design), the musicvideo (CHS Prod) and the promotion (Replica Promotion). We were very satisfied of their work for our former album. You released "The Dawn of Consciousness" on Apathia Records. How have you been satisfied with the work and how did you get in touch with the label since then? Yes we signed a new record deal with Apathia for the last album. We wanted to have a more solid physical distribution in France and Europe. We're still regulary in touch with the label, guys don't leave the band alone after a release. Are you already working on new songs? Yes of course. We have for now half of an album composed. But we have a lot of work : to arrange the songs, to write lyrics, to compose new songs, work them... Moreover we have to work on the concept, visual things, schedule a promo plan with our agent... Preparing an album is not only making music. It's working many things around the release to have the most solid opportunities to play live and make the album a success. What was your first concert as a fan? and what memory do you have of it? My first show was Iron Maiden on the "Dance Of Death" tour. I was 15, they played in a very cool area not far from my home. It was absolutely fantastic to see one of my heroes live. Would you like to play a Europe-wide tour? Yes, one day I hope ! We already played in several countries, France of course, but also Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany or Spain. If we embark on an big European tour, it won't be in "crappy" conditions. Today every band can play in Europe making deal with promoters which "sale" a tour in bars and little stages. But it's not our goal for now. We prefer to be part of something professionnal. It depends on money we can afford for a Tour-Support. What were your live highlights and with which bands did you play? We have played with many international bands. We opened for MACHINE HEAD, TESTAMENT, NAPALM DEATH, DECAPITATED, , EVILE, CRISIX, BELPHEGOR, ULTRA VOMIT and many more.We also toured with SUICIDAL ANGELS, ANGELUS APATRIDA and Dr. LIVING DEAD. Great memories ! In festivals, we've played in MOTOCULTOR, indirectly with Trivium, Opeth, ROCK YOUR BRAIN with Carcass, Destruction, Vader, and many more. It's awesome to be part of this kind of show... Have already resulted in friendship ? Most of the time, we talk a little while with bands we play with. I have in memory our meetings with Robb Flynn, Chuck Billy, Alex Skolnick, etc... Great times ! But it's difficult to develop a strong relashionship in a few minutes. Those guys see so many other bands members in their life... They forget the bands they played with of guys they met, and we absolutely cannot blame them for that ! I met many "rockstars" in the Thrash business, like Dave Ellefson and Kiko Loureiro from Megadeth, Tom Hunting from Exodus, Derrick Greene from Sepultura, Mille Petrozza from Kreator, guys from Testament, Death Angel, Destruction, Sodom, etc... but I don't expect anything. We just talk a few seconds, I give our Cd's, so they have one time in their life heard about Deficiency ! Believe it or not, guys from METALLICA have our albums ! A friend of us who is member of the Met'Club had a "meet and greet" with Rob Trujillo, Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich. They talked about Deficiency, it's just unbelievable. But it just cool stories and memories to share. In that "business", a growing band needs great and decisive contacts for its carreer. Meeting musicians cannot be decisive. It's more the tour managers, bookers of label directors that are important. If I have to mention a "pro" band, we're in a good relationship with the Spanish Thrash band Angelus Apatrida. We toured together in France and Spain, and are very please to meet again when we have the occasions. With what do you earn your money except with the music? Ahah, let me tell you that we do not earn any money with music ! We spend money for our passion. The money we earn playing live is used to cover the travel costs. The benefits with Cd's or merchandising is re-injected for the next album, and regulary we have to add personal money. A release in good conditions is very expansive. Several thousands  €uros. So we have our jobs in the "normal" life ! For example, I'm a History and Geography teacher in a High School, our bass player have an insurance brokerage agency, our drummer is a designer and developer in industry machinery... How important are social media for you as a band? Nowadays social networks are the most important ways to reach our fans and bring new audience. Of course specialized press, radios and other "old school" media are still important, but the relationship with our fans is at first developped on social networks. Without them, people would not hear about the band very often ! What would you (her) want to achieve with the band? 15 years ago I would have answered "be a rock star and play in stadiums" haha ! Now we know the Metal scene, we have one foot in the business and know how it works. We become realist. The most important thing is to have fun on stage and still love to create and play music. If DEFICIENCY continue to tour like we do today, in cool venues in good conditions, great bands, and sometimes a festival or an opening for a big band, we'll be fully satisfied. Of course we want the band grow, be bigger and tour everywhere. But it's not of our own ! What do you think about the France metal scene in general? In France we have so many great and talented bands. In every Metal style. Of course everyone knows Gojira, but believe me we've got other diamonds in roughs ! Maybe you can recommend some bands from your area? Of course ! I can't can quote every of them, but ARCANIA, GOROD, NO RETURN, ATLANTIS CHRONICLES, HEART ATTACK, MALKAVIAN, UNDER THE ABYSS, DEAD MAN SQUARE  for example are great french bands ! PERSONAL QUESTIONS ! Where did you grow up and how was your childhood? I grew up in Forbach, a middle town in North-East of France (115 km N-W from Strasburg). I lived in a normal middle class family, my childhood was quite normal ! School, music (piano when I was young), sport and friends ! How was your school time you were rather the good student or the break clown ? I had the chance to work quite well at school without doing intensive efforts. So I can have fun with my friends and have some results as well. How did your parents react when you started making metal music? did they support you and how do you feel about your music today? My parents have never listened to this music style. At home we had more classic music or italian and international variety. They didn't know much that music style but I started with Metallica and Iron Maiden so it was cool and melodic stuff. They just can't bear my long hair =D They always supported me and the band. My dad brought me to the rehearsals before I had my drive licence. When our very first drummer moved, we had no more rehearsal room. We invested the basement of my parent's house and they always welcome us as kings ! Are you someone who loves the hustle and bustle of the big city? or rather looking for peace and relaxation in nature? I lived in a big city for years for my studies (Strasburg) but after me and my wife moved to a smaller town. I prefer that than the permanent noise and movement. Today my house is in a dead end street with only old people as neighbours, close to the forest. I can't be more happy. Do you actively practice sports or are you more of a passive spectator? I wish ! But I can't find the time and motivation to do it. I like football, but I follow my team and watch games on tv. When it comes to your physical well you can cook or let you cook for you I'm the one who cooks at home ! My wife doesn't like it, and I do. I cook for the family ;-) I love eating and it could be better for my health to cook more healthy meals ^^ What does your environment tell you about your passion for metal (friends / family / colleagues) ? People who do not know the Metal environment are quite curious. They think I'm a rockstar who tour everywhere and have double life and double rent ! In fact we try to tour as much as possible but it's very tiring to do it with a job and family during the week ! How do you see the problem with the haters on the internet who have to announce their mental garbage in anonymity always and everywhere? Sometimes it is very obnoxious. It's not only the anonymity because people sometimes doesn't care to do it with their real names. Everyone become a specialist of everything and talk litteraly shit. Personaly I don't expose my own political or social opinions on the internet. People I don't really know may not know what I'm thinking and my reflexion. I keep it for myself and for people close to me, so we can debate. What do you think about the internet in general? a blessing or a curse? Both ! It's an unfinished universe, a potential infinity of knowledge and possibilities in each domain. For music it's a blessing ! Who might know Deficiency without the internet ? How can you listen to our music without the internet ? Otherwise it's a piece of shit for so many things. Young pupils I have in my classroom inform themselves with Facebook, Youtube or Snapchat. Seriously ? Sometimes they are more confident and believe more a Youtuber than their teachers. Fake news are spreading everywhere and this broadcast afraid me. It makes people really naive and less intelligent. What would you personally like to do in your life? I'm married, got a son. Besides I have a job, can make music, have fun with the band and my friends ! What more ? Which question would you like to have answered and why? For many years I really want to know if we are alone in the Universe. I'm also very afraid to have this answer. I can't believe we are but for now we have no serious evidence about that. I think it can put in perspective humanity's syndrom of superiority. France <3 Austria I don't really know the country. I was in Salzburg when I was young and visited Mozart's birth house. The only link I have with Austria, but I hope we'll play one day here with Deficiency ! Kreator or Testament Both ! Metallica or Megadeth Metallica. The band that makes me buy my first guitar, that pushes me to build up a band, that makes me love Metal music. I'm a true fan of Metallica since I'm 12, and always will be. Coq au Vin We don't eat that meal very often in France. It's more pasta, couscous, pizzas, kebabs, burgers or sandwiches, like everywhere else ! Baguette Definitely. In the morning with butter and marmelade. Nothing better. Oh maybe in the evening with good cheese =) Beer or Juice Both. Together =P Eiffel tower Niceand impressive. Holiday Yes ! Not only for the rest but to discover cultures through architecture, art, style of life... Family Yes ! The only true love. Drugs Never touched that shit. Soccer Oh yeah ! World champion =) Movie or Series Series because the movie industry have been sacrified in the 10 past years on the altar of money. Series take time to instal the story and the characters. The most important things in fictions. Your top 10 all time faves Album Not in the order : METALLICA : Master Of Puppets IRON MAIDEN : The Number Of The Beast METALLICA : And Justice For All PANTERA : Cowboys From Hell DARKANE : The Sinister Supremacy SOILWORK : The Living Infinite MACHINE HEAD : The Blackening GARY MOORE : Blues Alive SYMPHONY X : Paradise Lost TRIVIUM : Shogun Your top 5 in time Album! DISTURBED : Immortalized ANGELUS APATRIDA : Cabaret de la Guillotine GOROD : Aethra MACHINE HEAD : Catharsis GHOST : Prequelle The closing word is yours? Thank you very much for these questions ! I hope that DEFICIENCY will play in Austria in the future. Don't hesitate to watch our videoclips, listen to our albums, follow us on facebook. See you very soon =)
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