Please introduce yourself and the Project members briefly?   Hello and thanks for the interview. CHAOSHORDE is a two-piece   blackened speed metal band from Greece that conists of Unholy Grandpa (Vocals) and me, Dimator (Guitars/Bass/Backing Vocals)   What does the Project name mean and how do you get it?   It’s a combination of the words CHAOS and HORDE, so it’s pretty straight forward. The name occured very natural without several hours of brainstorming. I think we owe this to the fact that we played a lot World of Warcraft at the time and also we are huge fans of KREATOR’s masterpiece „Hordes Of Chaos“   Where and how was the Project founded?   The project was founded back in 2017 in Rethymno, Greece, where we are studying. The main idea was to start a band in a more friendly level, just to play one of our favorite metal genre. We had no great expectations at the time, beacause each one of us played in their own main band   Was it hard to find suitable Project members who fit musically and humanely with the Project?   Yes, especially in Rethymno, and that’s why CHAOSHORDE is a two-piece group at the moment. The most important thing to us is not to find excellent mucisians, but people that could fit in and share our vision.   What are the lyrics about and who of you is writing them ?   The lyrics are written by both of us. Most of the times they express our passion for heavy metal, which is not just music to us. But we like to write about various themes too, as long as some personal experiences.   Which Bands inspired you and how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard a sound from you?   First of all, we describe our music as speed metal, true to its heavy metal roots, with a black metal aesthetic. Many bands defined our sounds and some of them are the following: DESASTER, DEATHHAMMER, AURA NOIR, RAZOR, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, MIDNIGHT, SLAUGHTERED PRIEST, SLAYER, SODOM, GEHENNAH, VENOM, CELTIC FROST.   Will a project stay in your i or can it become a band?   Hopefully, some day will find the suitable members in order to became an active live band too, because to be honest, that was our main purpose when we started the band. However, until we find them, CHAOSHORDE will remain a duet.   Hordes Arising your debut Ep has unfortunately been very short. when can we rechene with new songs and maybe there is a whole album?   Haha, that’s the point of an EP,right? We wanted to unleash our first attack, just to give a taste of what is next. The feedback was way positive, so in our future plans, a debut full length goes without saying!   What was your first concert as a fan and what memory do you have of it?   My first concer was back in 2009 when I saw AC/DC live in Athens. Not exactly a metal concert, but it made me decide what I was going to do with my life! Such energy, such passion for both the band and the audience was something that I wanted to live again and again.   Which Band would you like to play live with and why?   There are quite many but I will say that I would definately share the stage with RAZOR again. Despite the fact that they are killer live, they’re also hell- of-a-guys and very down-to-earth!   At chaoshorde the members play in the most different bands is there a big friendship among the bands and does one always help each other?   Well, all of our other bands were formed in the island of Crete, where the metal scene is pretty limited. So yes, every band that spins around CHAOSHORDE (and these bands most specific are: BIOTOXIC WARFARE, FLESH MARTYR, SERPENT PATH) is part of a big family where we share some strong friendships and always support each others. And in that point I would like to thank every single one of these family members, past and present. You know who you are.   With what do you earn your money except with the music?   Both of us study Sound Engineering at the moment, and I also give guitar lessons.   How important are social media for you as a Project?   Nowadays, there are very important. Mostly because you can reach greater audiences in no time, and more easily that 20-30 years ago. However, back then things were more authentic.   What would you (her) want to achieve with the Project?   First of all to keep expressing ourselves through our music. Then, at some point we would like to play some gigs both in Greece and abroad, to spread the speed metal chaos!   What do you think of the Greek metal scene in general?   It is known that we have a vivid metal scene. Many quality acts in every metal genre that make our country proud and at this point our scene is equal to every major European one in terms of quality. However, it’s our atttitude through music as a country that needs to be changed if we want to acheice greater things.   Maybe you can recommend some Bands from your area?   Some greek bands worth-checking: flesh martyr, biotoxic warfare (our own bands,as i said before), slaughtered priest, omega, raw poison, wrathblade, sacral rage, speedrush.   Your top Five Albums in moment !   At the moment, my stereo literally is slowly burning under the sound of these 5 ones:   MIDNIGHT – SATANIC ROYALTY DEATHHAMMER – CHAINED TO HELL VOMIT BITCH – VOMIT BITCH WRATHBLADE – GOD OF THE DEEP UNLEASHED GEHENNAH – DECIBEL REBEL   The closing word is yours?   Thank you for the interview, it was really fun. Just a reminder that our ep „Hordes Arising“ is finally out via Metal Throne Productions STAY METAL – STAY TRUE – IN SPEED WE TRUST!
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