ARIMAN   HEAVY METAL FROM PARAGUAY Band Questions answer by Victor Ocampos  
Please introduce yourself and the band members briefly? Hello, my name is Victor Ocampos, I am from Minga Guazú, Paraguay, I am founder member and play guitar. The other band members are: Gustavo Mereles, he is also founder member and the screaming machine of the band, vocalist. Then we have Gustavo Ojeda, who plays Bass, and is perhaps the most talented of us. Then we have Gabriel Galeano, the youngest, who plays Drums and finally is Dario Aquino, the newcomer, who plays Guitar. What does the band name mean and how do you get it? Well, it is a long a dark, cold and rainy night, we were walking in the muddy ground through the forest hahaha. No, we took the name from the old Persian mythology where the good was represented by Ormuz (Ahura Mazda) and the the evil by Ariman (Angra Mainyu), we have read it somewhere in Thus spoke Zarathustra, and also it appeared first in a long list of world gods that we made as potential names for the band. Something interesting is that in Paraguay we have an Alcoholic   drink similar to Whisky called „Caña“, but it is better known for its brand „Aristocrata“, so we used to drink it a lot, then, people thought the name Ariman was from ARI (Aristocrata) and MAN (Superman) Where and how was the band founded? The band was founded in Minga Guazu, a peripheral city of Ciudad Del Este, in Paraguay, Gustavo and I were playing in a band called „Mantra“, covers from Iron Maiden, and Black Sabbath, then happened that fight with the other band members because we have not enough time to rehearse, they were always complaining about it. We (Gustavo and I) were the only members who has a job. Then after the fight, I convince Gustavo to build a new band and so we got on the pursuit of new musicians. The band first gig was on December22th in Ciudad Del Este. Have you played in other bands before? Gustavo (Vocals) and I played in a band called Mantra, just a few gigs. The current guitarist Dario Aquino played in a band called Arcano XV. Was it hard to find suitable band members who fit musically and humanely with the band? Yes it was. A band relationship is more difficult than a marriage, so you try to find people who enjoy playing, who knows the underground environment and with team work spirit. Now a day, If we search someone, we would like some who understands the band members` priorities. What does the band name mean? A Persian mythology god who tries to destroy all that his brother Ormuz build.   What are the lyrics about and who of you is writing them ? Horror stories, as in Pacto de Muerte or Doctrina Bestial, (both songs tale the same story) there, a person who is dying receive a visit from an entity, and this entity makes a bid to him. Salvation in exchange of souls. Therefore the dying guy keep on living but, leading a Christian church. Then, Cazador de Almas or Castigo del Mas Allá, have the same trend. Ariman, is based on a prayer, modified of course. Then we have Sangre Blanca, it is about Leukemia, of Time to Rest, also about a final disease. However, Sombras del Condor is about the effects of paraguayan dictatorial rule. Noche en Tinieblas is an epic song, about a lost battle in the Paraguayan War. In the brand new album there is Evil Machine, it is about Military Service, I am the Man is about man’s ego. And so on. Which bands inspired you and how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard a sound from you? Well, in the beginning, we tried to imitate bands like, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Helloween, and then, as we were searching for our own sound, I guess we added more flavours from Accept, King Diamond, Manowar, Metal Church. It is hard to us to describe ourselves, but we tried to sound heavy, aggressive and musical, but conscious of our technical limitations. Why should people listen to our music? Because our music is sincere, we play what we love, and we try to play what we would like to listen if we were in front of the stage. Pacto de muerte your debut album was released in 2011. How long did the production last and who supported you? Uff...It was a problem child, from the conception jaja. We recorded in a brand new studio in Ciudad Del Este, but I guess inexperience in both side (studio and band) made it difficult. We had energy problems, cuts in the energy supply made the studio lose the work already made, then we have problems with time, because the we recorded just one night per week, and some weeks the technician did not appear, other the band members cancelled its time was a nightmare. It was taking some 3 years since the beginning of the project. The relationship in the band was deteriorating. Then I took a loan from the bank and forced it to born. We made it by ourselves. No producer, no financer. I went to the Cd manufacturer, we took pictures, we drew the booklet, etc. How satisfied are you with the album today? I hate the final product. The songs are good, but they sound very amateur. Too much for my taste. In 2017, you released your second album Under The Blame. why did you release that in english language and not in spanish like your debut album? Because we thought in Spanish we have a limited exposure, just to Paraguayan fans. In Argentina is hard to enter, because the Metal world there is very nationalistic. Then we contacted with a Brazilian person who suggested making it in English. Then we said...let’s try, we have all to lose anyway jaja. Who helped you to work under the blame? I am grateful to Bernardo Saavedra (Vinyl) because he suggested us to Ader, from Dies Irae records of Brazil. And to Dies Irae Records for editing and releasing it in Brazil. Are you already working on new songs and when can we expect a new album? Yes we are. Since de departure of Daniel (former guitarist) and the arrival of Dario, we are working on new songs. We should enter studios in December 2018 to record two songs. What was your first concert as a fan? And what memory do you have of it? My first concert as a fan was in a local show in Ciudad Del Este in 1996 in a show of rock band Khrizya from Asunción, and then shows with Paraguayan bands Ashborne, Reciclaje, Sindrome, Funeral, and so on. They were very enjoyable; because I just wanted mosh jaja. However, in those days, there were not Internet, so, in concerts you make friends, and enriched your metal knowledge, from the bands playing or from the new friends you made. Is it difficult to organize a concert in Paraguay? Yes it is. At least in Ciudad Del Este, where you cannot find venues to do it. In addition, you have a small attendance, so you are always losing money jaja. But. I guess it is a result from poor organizations in the past. Too much violence among the attendance, bare knuckle fights, etc. Then the attendance went down. Now it is hard, but there are a couple of bars, that allow heavy metal live acts. Would you like to play live in North America or in Europe? That is a dream jaja. Of course, we would like to play in those places. I guess it is the „kid’s dream“ jaja. What were your live highlights and with which bands did you play? We play some „nights to remember“ jaja. In front o 1000 people in Asunción, or more than 2000 in Ciudad del Este. (Those are great attendance). We share stage with some monsters like Paul Dianno (Eng) in Brazil, Bywar (Bra) and Nervochaos (Bra) in Brazil, Logos (Arg) in Agentina, Patan (Arg) in Paraguay, Omen (USA) and Manilla Road (USA) in Paraguay. Have already resulted in friendship ? I believe that that is our big mistake, we use to travel, play, get drunk and come back. We use not to keep a conversation with them, even not with the organizers. I guess we have a poor public relationship, but not because we are bad people, but, because we are not good in Marketing ourselves jaja. Who would you like to play live with and why? Accept or King Diamond, we admire their art, their constancy and power. King Diamond is very special, we love his music, it has the condiment we want for our songs jaja...good lyrics, the terror atmosphere, screams jaja. In addition, Accept has the power and the directness of a punch in your face. With what do you earn your money except with the music? We have jobs. I work in a firm focused in electric services, and as a lecturer in a University. Gustavo (Vocal) works in a Cigar industry. Gustavo (Bass) is a carpenter, and work in a furniture firm. Gabriel (Drums) is a sluggard, he is working I guess, I do not know where jaja Dario (Guitar) works in a Private security services firm. How important are social media for you as a band? It is very important, I guess it is the only way we use now to promote the band. As I said, we are not good in Marketing. What would you (her) want to achieve with the band? Immortality. Jaja. I guess we have achieved a lot, because in the beginning it was just to have fun, then we get recognition in our town, then nationwide, and now we know we have a very loyal fan base that make us proud of. We would like to reach somewher beyond our nation’s frontier, South   America, perhaps Europe or Japan. However, to achieve that we still have to work hard. What do you think about the Paraguay metal scene in general? It is growing fast. In Asunción there are international shows and that keep fans tuned. You find metal bands being born everywhere in the country. The scene is always connected with the economy, in Ciudad del Este it is more stagnated, but in Asunción there are 3 or 4 Metal gigs in the same night. I do not know that is good, but you have more options. Of course, there are negative points, but I guess competition and envy is part of a growing scene. Maybe you can recommend some bands from your area? I recomend some bands from Ciudad Del Este: Mastermind: Thrash Metal, very good one and sounds very profesional Khymor: Thrash Metal, very technical Asghard: Hard Rock Verthebral: It is our former guitarrist’s band. They play Death Metal, and their album was released in Russia Pestilencia: Crossover, Hardcore punk. (I have played 2 gigs with them in the past)                PERSONAL QUESTIONS !
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